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Unattended System Backups Management Assist For iSeries One Step Operating System Upgrades
Protect your critical data and system information with unattended full system backups Silverlake introduce Management Assist for iSeries - the new concept for support services. Upgrade from an unsupported versions of the operating system to the latest release in one step.

Welcome To Silverlake

Silverlake are premier iSeries solution providers. Our continued success is reliant on two things, excellent customer service and technical ability.

Due to the pervasive nature of the iSeries you will find we have many capabilities that extend beyond the iSeries platform itself. In order to promote ourselves as Premier iSeries solution providers we have embraced new technologies such as guest operating systems that can run under the covers of the iSeries, Web enabling technology, Networking and email systems. In short, we support the platform; provide access to applications and data and develop output solutions.

We work on a fixed price project basis, which helps customers to budget and predict their costs. It also enables us to run the project, assume responsibility for all factors that contribute to its success and helps all parties' concerned focus on the solution.

At Silverlake we understand that most solutions require more than one technology and more than one area of expertise. In order to provide relevant solutions and effective support for our customers we have created a comprehensive list of packaged services that cover most aspects of iSeries and infrastructure technology.

All of our packaged services are infinitely flexible and any number can be selected to make one comprehensive solution.

However, if you cannot find a service that meets your requirements, we would be pleased to customise an existing service or simply work with you on a new project definition basis.