Silverlake - Host Access Centre

You may have the fastest servers, the best applications, but without access to them they may as well be switched off. Access to host servers has become a complex world. With all the new technologies such as; WAP, Internet, Intranet, LAN and WAN now supported, providing pervasive secure access to your central business system(s) from PDAs, thin clients, fat clients, browsers etc, has become a technology of its own demanding specific expertise and knowledge.


Due to the numerous methods and technologies that can facilitate access to your business information systems, other factors now have to be considered before deciding on your final strategy or solution.


Cost is obviously a major factor when considering what type of client to use, with support constituting a large portion of on-going operating expense. There is also flexibility, security and functionality that must also be factored in to your final decision. Of course one size does not fit all, and different types of users will need different solutions depending on their requirements.


Silverlake with its knowledge of not only clients, but also networks, middleware and servers is ideally suited to work with you from conception through to implementation and rollout, helping you to construct an infrastructure that will support access to the clients you need today and in the future.