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Silverlake :: Client Access Express
Silverlake - Host Access Centre - Client Access Express

IBM announced in May 31 2001 that it would be withdrawing support for CA/400 V3R2M0 for Windows 95/NT, the last version of client access that supported SNA. However, many companies still use the client and some continue to use SNA.

Converting to Client Access Express can be a complex process, but there are many advantages to doing so.


Client Access Express provides a function called silent installation, which lets an administrator go through an installation, saving his or her responses to questions in a file. This file can then be used to install Client Access Express on user PCs, thus eliminating the need for user responses during the set-up process.


TCP/IP Configuration
Express uses the standard TCP/IP program shipped with Microsoft's 32-bit operating systems (you can also use other Winsock-compatible TCP/IP stacks), so the client works with the Windows communications configurations you create.


The Express client incorporates TCP/IP SSL 3.0 for user ID and password encryption. It also lets you choose to encrypt other information being sent between the AS/400 and the desktop.


File and Print serving
Many of Client Access for Windows 95/NT's start-up problems stem from incompatibilities between its file-serving software and Microsoft's 32-bit file system. The Express client is more stable, starts up faster, and requires less memory because it uses AS/400 NetServer, delivered in OS/400, for file and print serving instead of using its own network drive and print implementation as the Windows 95/NT client does.


PC5250 Emulation
Express's PC5250 emulation, which you must purchase a Client Access license to use, lets users run AS/400 programs, work with OS/400 screens, and send AS/400 output to PC printers. The PC5250 program in Express is functionally identical to the emulator that shipped with the 95/NT Client Access product.


Data transfer 
Data transfer is comparable with the 95/NT's client with the added advantage that a transfer can be "auto-run" with no user intervention.


iSeries Navigator and Central
iSeries Navigator Central has been improved to better manage multiple AS/400s from a central server, including letting them share files more easily. Express iSeries Navigator also supports new database and SQL functions and lets you set up virtual private networks (VPNs).


Operations Console (a system console function added to the Windows 95/NT client in OS/400 V4R3) has been enhanced in the Express client. Operations Navigator can now be used as the system console graphical interface (previously only PC5250 could be used). In addition, remote PCs can now dial in to the AS/400 directly and perform system console functions that previously required an NT gateway.


Expected Stability
Client Access Express has many new capabilities that can make end users more productive and enable AS/400 administrators to better control both their PC networks and their AS/400 systems. Express is a full-featured client that is more reliable and stable and performs better than the Windows 95/NT client. In many instances, Express will use less PC memory to run, it makes accessing the AS/400 through TCP/IP connections easier, and it adds the option of SSL protection.


Whether you are using the 95/NT or indeed an earlier client and/or SNA, Silverlake can help you migrate to the latest version of Client Access Express. We will perform a complete review of your network infrastructure and servers, detailing and recommending changes and additional products you will need before you can install Client Access Express. In addition we will review the client requirements, how it is used, and what the end user needs and propose a desktop configuration that covers both functionality and security. Training will be provided where necessary and pilot projects run to assess and evaluate the solution. Upon satisfactory results from the pilot project, role out will be planned and executed.

30 days support will be provided after the installation process is complete.

deliverables.jpg benefits.jpg
  • Complete review of existing set-up and usage
  • Project management
  • Documented implementation plan
  • Client Role out
  • 30 days support
  • Training
  • Solution supported by IBM
  • Simplified Management and installation
  • Greater functionality
  • Potential to increase end user productivity

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