Silverlake - iSeries Centre - Restricted State Manager/400 (RSM/400)

Would you complete full system saves more often if you did not need staff on site to enter the commands and make sure the system is available after the backup? With business demands ever growing, especially with the advent of the Web, backup windows are getting smaller. This means that often the opportunity to complete full system saves are not only scarce, but fall at very anti social times of the night or at the weekend.

There are of course many occasions when full system saves should be completed. For example, before any engineering work is started or PTFs applied etc.

RSM/400 is predominately a solution for achieving full system saves without the need for staff to be in attendance. Although the software allows you to schedule and run any command from the console, the product has been specifically designed for completing full system backups.

Using the IBM scheduler (or any other) you can schedule any type of backup to be run from the console while it is in a restricted state. Using the options provided, you can run an Option 21 full system save or any subset of a full system save. If you have more specific requirements the software allows you to create your own lists of libraries to be saved or indeed schedule and run your own program directly from the console.

You might think RSM/400 is complex to set-up, but it has been designed to be very straightforward. There are two steps required to scheduling a task to run in a restricted state; step one, schedule the option or program you want to run, step two, sign on to the console with the RSM profile, set-up complete.

One of the reasons we have put so much effort to making the product as straight forward as possible, is so that remote sites with limited technical experience can also benefit from RSM/400. Once the RSM profile has been signed on to the console the remainder of the tasks can be completed remotely providing you with the capability to complete full system saves at remote sites without the need to be there.

Reliability is something else we have invested a lot of time in. For example the inactivity system value does not affect the RSM console and if any other problem occurs such as running out of tapes or a tape failure, etc, the system is restarted automatically.

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  • Unattended full system saves
  • Customised programs or saves can be run in a restricted state
  • Full error recovery
  • Restricted state commands when it is convenient for the business
  • Time consuming processes can be completed without the need for staff to be in attendance
  • Backup strategy can be improved
  • ROI within six months