Silverlake - iSeries Centre - Unsupported OS/400 Upgrade Service

With IBM releasing new versions of OS/400 on a regular basis and dropping support for older versions, it becomes increasingly easy to find yourself on a version of OS/400 that provides you with the stability and functionality you need, but one that IBM no longer support. With IBM leading the way, application vendors are never far behind, dropping support for applications, running under un-supported versions of OS/400. Running under an unsupported version of OS/400 can constitute a business exposure as you could be refused support from either IBM or your software vender should you require support for a problem or issue.

However, for some customers just getting down time for one upgrade can be an issue, let alone getting the system time you need for two upgrades. This is where Silverlake can help you. We have developed a methodology to get you from version V4R3 or earlier to V5R1 in one upgrade process, one system outage. The process does take 25% longer then a tradition upgrade but that still saves you 75% in time and 100% in effort.

We use the same methodical process we use for all our upgrade projects. We start with a detailed questionnaire and go on to audit and validate all aspects of the system to make sure it is compatible with the intended target version of OS/400. The upgrade is then planned taking into account system set-up and customisation and executed.

20 days post upgrade support is provided for all upgrade related issues or questions.

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  • Any release to any release upgrade
  • Full upgrade audit
  • Project managed
  • Operating system upgrade
  • Latest cumulative PTF load
  • Full pre and post backup
  • Testing
  • 20 days support
  • Upgrade researched, planned and executed by experienced consultants
  • Reduced effort
  • Reduced disruption
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost
  • Support from IBM reinstated