Silverlake - Linux Centre

Whilst being low cost and open sourced, Linux brings a new standard of reliability to the Intel platform and marries well with the renowned resilience and stability of the iSeries platform.


Integration of new technology has long been a key feature of IBM's strategy for OS/400, and the Rochester lab has continued this tradition with the delivery of Linux on the iSeries. V5R1 lets iSeries systems run the Linux operating system within one or more logical partitions. Linux's ability to access open-source applications and utilities combines with iSeries' legendary reliability and scalability to make a winning team.


The inclusion of Unix in the form of Linux into your corporate strategy brings with it a wealth of free open source software, covering every need from the basic email requirements through to firewalls, business processes, web serving and even end user applications.


By taking advantage of the shared resource capability of iSeries logical partitioning (LPAR), you can establish a Linux operating system with as little as one quarter of a processor, 64 MB of RAM, and 512 MB of disk space. You needn't dedicate any physical (i.e., native) resources to the logical partition. OS/400 can currently support a Linux logical partition with up to eight processors and 4 GB of memory - Linux, not iSeries LPAR, dictates these limitations.


There probably isn't a more cost effective reliable way to run your Domino server. Running Domino under Linux in an iSeries partition is just one example of many cost effective Linux solutions you can now consider for the iSeries.


Silverlake's range of Linux services will allow you to incorporate Linux into your infrastructure by providing access to experienced professionals.