Silverlake - Systems For Business Centre

Not so long ago business and IT were completely separate entities. Back office batch systems were necessary to avoid employing thousands of staff to process invoices, purchase orders, review stock levels etc. As time went on and networking technologies developed users gained access to data both locally and remotely. This allowed real-time data entry and access to company information. This required some integration, but essentially business could still continue without back office computer systems for sometime without affecting its ability to trade. Then came the Web.


The most important impact of the Web was not the new routes to market it brought, but more the change in thinking about our back office systems. Suddenly our information systems needed to become our point of sale systems also and thus E-commerce was born.


E-commerce has not only brought with it new business opportunities, for example the ability to trade 24 x 7 to anywhere in the world, but also considerable savings in operations and cost of sale. These savings are achievable through the integration now possible from the point of sale (Web Site) right through to the logistical system that dispatches the ordered item. This is all possible without the need for human intervention not only making the process fast and efficient, but also and most importantly, infinitely scalable.


With E-commerce, business and information technology have forever become one. With this merger has come the requirement for a new type of IT professional, one that not only has a solid technical background, but also understands business and the processes that drive it. Silverlake have such professionals.