Silverlake - Windows Centre

IBM has supported Windows NT-AS/400 integration since 1998, when Rochester first introduced the Integrated PC Server, an Intel card inside the AS/400 that runs NT and NT applications. Customers have used the card primarily for file and print serving, and occasionally e-mail. IBM have continued to develop integration to cover a broader set of solutions to the NT-iSeries, with a special focus on best-of-breed e-business applications for supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and Domino.


All these products include software that leverages AS/400 and iSeries disk and storage management capabilities, letting you manage NT applications from the iSeries. This integrated NT-iSeries environment makes it easy to deploy today's increasingly heterogeneous e-business solutions, which often involve processing on both the NT and AS/400 or iSeries servers. A typical scenario is a Web interface that deploys from NT and integrates with back-end database and legacy business applications on hosts such as the AS/400 and iSeries.


IBM now offers two versions of the integrated NT server: the internal xSeries card (IXS) and the external diskless xSeries direct attach server using the HSL (high speed loop). The predominant reason for having both solutions is the external server can have all the normal card slots and processing power you would expect on an NT server, but with the stability, and speed of the iSeries disk subsystem. For those users who just require file and print serving the internal card is usual sufficient.